. . . shine wherever you are

Student's Philosophy of Life

Where ever you are "Shine"

School Anthem

We hail thee our source of home;

We hail thee our fountain of truth;

We hail thee centre of Education.

Bright Stars Model Secondary School.


The pride of our State and Nation

The place to mould and groom our youth

That they may shine like stars;

To brighten the corners where they are.


We shall through God's own grace:

Uphold your noble cause

And shine through you for our State and Nation.

Student's Prayer

O Lord I am a proper child, Use me to the glory of your name. Amen.

Bright Stars Model Secondary School was founded on the 5th of October, 1998. It is a co-educational day School; located not too far away from Uyo town Centre.


The founding of the school was born out of our desire to establish a centre where the youths will be afforded opportunities to benefit from quality education. The school is envisaged as a centre where the youths will be able to study not only to develop their intellect but also for the total development of their persons, for self-reliance and self-discipline motivated by the fear of God.


We aim at building an educational system where hard work and discipline are the watch-words and academic excellence, the hall-mark. The school, we believe, is a centre where students are well taught to be able to have confidence in their ability to pass their examinations by their personal efforts and not through examination malpractice.


We expect that both the school on one hand, parents and guardians on the other, will be able to work together to create a congenial atmosphere for meaningful and effective teaching and learning.


In the school, emphasis is placed on the development of reading skills and the inculcation of reading habits in the children for "Reading maketh the man". Besides, reading opens the way to effective learning and comprehension in all subject areas.


One the 2013 statistics, the school has 56 Teaching Staff, 40 Non-Teaching Staff and about 780 students.